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Principe PR Media | Who We Are

Principe PR Media was established in 2008 by Natalia Plekhanova, who is a general manager and an owner of the agency today.

The agency provides services in sphere of marketing communications, offering product or client promotion within selected market, mainly using PR and event marketing instruments.

Our partners are the most professional and experienced companies in their particular field in the region, providing technical support as well as catering, security, logistics, DMC for projects of any level of complexity and size.

Longstanding relationships with leading cultural institutions in Saint-Petersburg: museums, theatres, art communities and festivals allow us to offer exotic venues for any type of events and also to invite and collaborate with leading theatre, music and fine arts experts.

Broad work experience in media allows the agency to offer sensible media planning, select the optimal team for photo and video shooting as well as to collaborate with topline journalists on our projects.

Principe PR Media unites like-minded people who posses unique professional and communicational skills. The most appropriate team is selected for each project depending on both objective and format desired by client.

Contact Information:

Address: 29 Zjdanovskaya Str., Saint-Petersburg, 197198, Russia

Telephone: +7 921 918 94 20


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